Embracing Change

I’m a firm believer that there’s no such thing as a coincidence. Years ago, I found myself in the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Stopping for a bite to eat in a small organic café, that just so happened to be called ‘Bliss,’ I was drawn to their inspirational menu of earthly delights with names like Buddha Bowl, Warrior, and Longevity Latte. It was the “One With Everything” Cookie that struck my fancy and really made me think a little deeper about, well, Everything.                                                                                                                      

When someone finds out that I track trends, they inevitably ask me, “What’s the biggest trend you’re tracking?” My answer, for the last ten years, is always the same. The trend of actually tracking trends. This remains true to this day and shows no signs of going away any time soon. In fact, it may be bigger than ever. It’s with this in mind that I’ve come to the realization that Everything is, or certainly can be, a trend. And I mean Everything. If it isn’t already, it can be and probably will be. It is whatever you want it to be. Whatever you need it to be. Between Google Images, Pinterest, Instagram, and the millions of blogs at your very fingertips, a Global Trend is a click away. No need for cutting pictures out of edgy euro-magazines, doing a ‘store check’ in a funky neighborhood, or sub-cultural anthropology. It really all comes down to the search. Finding what it is you need to best tell, or even create, your story – the one that best suits your need(s). Tell it with passion and conviction. Validate it with collected images from around the world or even your own backyard. Inspiration is everywhere, and anything - and everything - is a trend. “What’s next?” is whatever is you’re focusing your attention on in a futuristic context. Make it happen by allowing others to be aware of it as well. Ultimately, a trend is only a matter of hyper-awareness. Call it an awakening. The awakening is the spark that ignites creativity and reveals the universal connectedness. When your mind is focused to the point of awakening to a new idea or innovation, then the niche you fill and the trend you create are only a matter of other’s heightened awareness of the world around them. Again, how close are they paying attention? And to what? There’s a flow of information happening unlike any before and shows no signs of slowing down. Today, there are signs of Everything. Every trend starts with a sign. The more signs you see, the bigger the trend and its inevitable evolvement into an outright signal. Doesn’t matter what you call them – signs, signals or trends, just call them as you see them. They will answer back. So stop asking, “What’s next?” Start observing the changes taking place around you and take note. Take pictures. Take it for all it’s worth. Make connections to the other things you’re paying attention to. (You are paying attention, right?) Everything is changing. Changing faster than many of us might care to admit. Some say change is for the better, others find change to be disruptive. If you want to be ‘One With Everything’, then you’re going to need to start by embracing change.

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  • Michael Katz

    Some folks find change scary and are always looking to the past for comfort and familiarity. “Make America Great Again” was so much fear and hate of the unknown that it almost killed our democracy. Talk about a backwards trend from mostly backwards people 🥴

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