The pieces selected for this act are all autographed by pop culture icons. I have been doing portraits of “people I’m a fan of” since my first illustration was autographed by the band Genesis in 1978. To date, I have a collection of nearly 50 autographed portraits of musicians, comedians, and other celebrity figures. For this show, I only wanted to include the pieces that were connected to my sketchbooks – either by the story of getting the piece signed, as in the case of the Leon Redbone, a page-full of signatures by Brooke Shields, or an on-site illustration of the Hollywood Bowl autographed by B.B. King.

Also available for the first time ever are Open Edition prints from my collection of over 50 portraits. Autographed for me by many of the Musicians, Comedians, and even a Restauranteur herself, these are my tributes “artist to artist.”