It was August 2010, and I’d been invited to be one of three on a ‘Baby Boomer Trends’ panel for the semi-annual meeting of Big Red’s North American Marketing team. Held at a Sheraton not far from HQ, the headliner William James Adams Jr., known professionally as, the founding and lead member of Black Eyed Peas. Our little panel was an optional break-out session in that snooze hour just before lunch. The room filled to capacity as the three of us on the panel met for the first time. I have absolutely no recollection of who the woman on the end was, but I will never forget the guy in the middle.

Jeff Taylor introduced himself as the founder of - a social networking website for people over 50, which made perfect sense as to why he was invited. As much of an honor as it was to be included on such a panel for my trend skills, and true, I also happen to be a Baby Boomer demographically, the real reason I was there, IMHO, was to meet Jeff. It was like love at first sight. Professionally speaking. The coolness of his energy was captivating and I hung on his every word. A tall solid guy with short, spiked slightly graying hair, thick glasses, a scruffy petite goatee, and a New England’ish New York accent. Relaxed and yet commanding he exuded a demeanor I was dying to know more about. The opportunity presented itself when we were both invited to lunch by our mutual host, Sue Lane.

Over sandwiches and Diet Cokes®, Jeff casually mentioned he had founded job-hunting website, establishing himself as an internet entrepreneur. On top of which, he had a radio show on Sirius/XM’s Electric Area as DJ Jefr Tale. Excusing himself,  Jeff got up to leave saying he had a plane to catch. Destination - Burning Man. “I’m sorry. What? You’re going to Burning Man?!?” I gasped. Sue asked if I knew what that was, and I most certainly did. It was magical and unobtainable as far as I was concerned. That is until Jeff added, “I don’t just go to Burning Man. I run Root Society - one of the largest EDM camps.” Grabbing his Diet Coke® on the way out, he looks me in the eyes and says, “Do you want to come?”


  • Jeff (jefr Tale) Taylor

    Love at first bite. I was just getting to know the man who has become a life long friend but…it looks like that might be chapter 2! 💪

  • Michael Katz

    Sounded like the start of a professional love affair that had mutual benefits for the here and now and the future.

  • Victoria

    Did you join him?! I know you went but thought it was with Firmenich…

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