This Page Intentionally Left Blank.

Everyone has received a piece of paper in a bank statement or insurance document that has nothing on it. Nothing. An otherwise blank sheet of paper that is more often than not found on the back of a sheet that was chock full of relevant information. As an artist, a blank white sheet of paper is a gift of endless possibilities. To the Corporate world it seems to be an opportunity for mass confusion. You don’t need to be an artist to imagine the meetings that took place to decide what should be put on the side of the page with nothing on it. What demographic of consumers is calling the hotlines of these corporations having nervous breakdowns over the blank page in their statement? Think about the fact that there are so many people calling, that said corporation had to hire a writer and or marketing team to figure out what in fact should be put on these blank pages so these bewildered consumers could simply relax. These are the same consumers who are now reading a statement on a blank sheet of paper, that tells them it is so, on purpose, when in fact it no longer is. Where are the confused consumers who are reading a statement printed on a piece of paper that says this piece of paper has nothing on it? And what of the missed opportunity to simply actually put something on it? Maybe a Thank You note. The company URL. Maybe the company history or contact information. Anything is better than something that says nothing. Shit, go crazy and get creative by putting a crossword puzzle, word search, or even a connect-the-dots drawing. Where is the awareness? Who is really paying attention? The page is NOT blank.

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